Episode 41

Published on:

22nd Jan 2022

DID 41 - J.R. Fitzpatrick 2022 Announcement

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Our guest, J.R. Fitzpatrick joins Alex and Mark once again to announce his plans for the upcoming 2022 race season.



🏁 Mark's tech issues or Alex too busy shovelling?

🏁 Mark's #talkingproud about the Buffalo Bills....this week :)

🏁 Gibber disc golfing at Christie Lake

🏁 Chili Bowl

🏁 RIP Marty Dupuis

J.R. Fitzpatrick

🏁 Revisiting the 2021 season?

🏁 A new special project that's going to keep J.R. busy

🏁 Should Alex be the one to test pilot?

🏁 So what is J.R. Fitzpatrick up to in 2022?

🏁 Changing chassis builders

🏁 Are the young guns going to take over?


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